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grafisch ontwerp voor drukwerk, verpakkingen cotton ball lights

Introducing the new package design for the Big Lamps of Cotton Ball Lights! 

What to add on the box?

It takes a while before a new package can be ready and used. A few months ago I started designing the new packaging for the Big Lamps. It had to be in the style of Cotton Ball Lights with a fresh new look! For a good package, It’s important to add some information about the product on the package. For example, the assemble instruction and a schematic overview about what could be in the box. I also added some interior photos for inspiration on the box, social buttons (website, Instagram, Facebook), and a nice #hashtag so people know how they can ‘share their style‘ with Cotton Ball Lights.

Big package, big file

The sizes of the box are quite big. And so are the photoshop/illustrator files! The design of the XL box was over 1 meter wide! So you can imagine how big the files where?! It was a little too big for the computer to handle, so it slowed down the process sometimes… 

After the design is done. You need to find a good Printing Office where the printers are big enough to print an over-1M-design on cardboard! 😉

In stores now!

It all worked out well! And you can spot the new packaging in the stores now! So excited! Let me know what you think!

Big Cotton Ball Lamp Package Design
Big Cotton Ball Lamp Package Design

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